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If you have forgotten your login information (username or password) enter in password reset form your e-mail address that you have used in registration.

For security reasons, the existing (forgotten) password will be reset (a new password will be created). You will receive a new password on valid email address that you have entered.

After successful login with new password that you have received, change it for security reasons.


Message with new password not received

If you have not received a message with new password, check your Spam folders in your e-mail client. If our message is in this folder, mark it as trusted (Not Spam).

If the message is not even in the Spam folder, please let us know on .

The email address is not in use with any activated user

If you are sure that you have entered the same e-mail address as you did at registration, then your account is not yet activated. The account must be activated after registration.
Search your emails for activation message with activation code and follow the instructions.

If you are not sure what e-mail address you have entered when registering, try another address.

Characters do not match with the image

For additional protection against web robots, three (3) black characters from the image must be rewritten into the input field to the right of the image before sending a new password. If the characters are poorly visible, you can refresh the image by clicking on the icon next to it.

We are always available for any additional question on .